The Story Behind The Romeo Arrangement by Nicole Snow

07 Jul 2020

By Nicole Snow

Writing rarely goes as planned. Some books need major time and energy to be whipped into shape. Other times, you just hit a groove with a book that brings together everything you love. My latest and greatest romance novel, The Romeo Arrangement, definitely falls in the second category, and it shows!

Surprise chemistry, a pretend love scheme, harrowing suspense, comfy small town feels, and one wildly funny mad rooster. That’s just a taste of what’s happening when one high-stakes fake engagement gets way too real.

Grace Sellers is at the end of her rope. She’s lost her home, her father’s worryingly sick, and every stitch of sanity holding her life together is about to be unraveled when she hits the road for a new life. Grace has lost her faith in wishes by the time she’s cornered at a bar in Nowhere, North Dakota, by a brute looking to finish her off.

Then an unexpected Romeo steps in. The handsome stranger. The man who declares her his fiancee. The beast with an exasperated butler who runs off the bully, and then practically drags Grace and her dad back to his large ranch for the night.

It’s too good to be true. And it only gets crazier when Grace finds out who her mysterious hero really is, and it’s officially time to freak out.

Ridge Barnet, billionaire heartthrob, moved to small-town North Dakota to escape the Hollywood limelight and start over after a tragic case of revenge. The pretty stray he picks up one stormy night at his favorite bar threatens to wreck his low profile.

Too bad fate could care less. Soon, he’s doubling down on his Romeo scheme to save Grace’s life while fighting back a very real obsession that with dynamite potential to upend his life.

If there’s one thing I’m hooked on as a writer, it’s the deep dive for love. Throwing two emotionally scarred characters together in their darkest hours always makes the chemistry extra intense, the fight so much more satisfying, and the Happily Ever After that much sweeter.

Ridge and Grace go through the ropes without mercy. We’re talking a relentless gauntlet with everything on the line and a fierce attraction that won’t be denied. But of course I threw in lighthearted comic relief and everything sweet-as-pie about small town life. And when the fireworks hit and these two hearts meltdown, it’s a beautiful frenzy.

I’m insanely proud of the vivid punch The Romeo Arrangement packs and I hope you’ll agree! Don’t miss this romance thriller while it is free with KIndle Unlimited!

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book The Romeo Arrangement.

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