The Story Behind The Perfect Wrong by Nicole Snow 

12 Oct 2022

The Story Behind The Perfect Wrong by Nicole Snow 

Shakespeare was the first time I remember reading about star-crossed lovers and it left an impression. Now that I’m a grown-up novelist and a lover of all things with forbidden love, I couldn’t resist pitting two hearts against the entire meddling universe in my latest book, The Perfect Wrong.

It starts with a simple, innocent, somewhat tongue-in-cheek bet. Shy wallflower Delia needs to find a man to give up her v-card before summer ends or else her best friend chooses a man for her. Only, none of the men on campus fit the bill, and she’s careening toward a loveless disaster until one fateful beach party.

Chris Triton is moody, damaged goods, and instantly obsessed with the alluring beach brat he encounters one lazy night. The fireworks are a welcome break from his post-mission trauma after a raid against a ruthless cartel and a looming dinner with his unhinged mother and her new husband. He’s not expecting sweet Delia to show up as his new stepsister.

Cue the madness.

The frustration.

The bellowing curses aimed at the sky that only a former Navy SEAL like Chris can roar.

That should be the end of it, but orders from his security firm’s bosses to lay low at his new stepfather’s mansion brings him painfully close to the virgin girl he can’t forget—or stop himself from teasing mercilessly.

What else can go wrong? How about Chris’ toxic mother butting in every chance she gets and Delia’s heartfelt fascination with unraveling her growly new stepbrother’s secrets. And that’s not the only thing undone when they’re sent off to Vegas together to a fancy hotel with simmering tension, sharp words—and only one freaking bed.

This book is a hot mess and I love it so much. These two throw themselves into a cursed romance with heat and heart and so much soul. Sometimes the strongest love is the kind that was never meant to be.

If you like your books edgy, angsty, mega-spicy, and full of tropey goodness that’ll dropkick your heart, you need this book in your life. Grab The Perfect Wrong in Kindle Unlimited and enjoy!


Nicole Snow is the author of the new book The Perfect Wrong

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