The Story Behind One Bossy Date by Nicole Snow

28 Dec 2022

The Story Behind One Bossy Date by Nicole Snow

The best kind of love gets awkward, messy, and unexpected. It’s all of that and infinitely more in my latest grumpy-sunshine meets enemies-to-lovers office romance, One Bossy Date.

Our story begins with trouble in paradise—literally—when upbeat and overstressed Piper Renee’s luxurious trip to Lanai, Hawaii gets interrupted by a nightmare come true. An intruder in her hotel room. In the shower. And when she musters up the courage to confront him, what a mystery man she finds.

Brock Winthrope is huge, gruff, and entirely out of patience for the problems slapping him in the face that make running a hotel empire difficult. The mishap which caused him to barge into this poor woman’s life completely naked is one more. Still, when he finds out she’s an influencer, he can’t have Winthrope International getting shredded with the scandalous goose egg review from hell.

So he decides to make it up to her. After some major groveling, Brock whisks her away on a tour of the island and an anti-date with a flaring attraction neither of them expect.

They weren’t supposed to enjoy their time together.

That kiss definitely wasn’t planned.

And just when they’re sure it’s a bittersweet memory and they’ll never see each other again—Piper crashes into her new boss and gets the shock of her life.

This book is bantery catnip loaded with laughs that’ll split sides and enough spicy lovin’ on the pages to keep your pulse drumming. But it’s got a serious edge glinting with questions about life, romance, and destiny.

What happens when the perfectly unexpected person is the one you can’t have? And what the hell do you do when fate keeps throwing that person in your face?

You know how to find out. And once you’ve absorbed every bit of this emotional, steamy, and girthy roller coaster ride, I’m confident you’ll walk away with a smile and an extra flutter in your step. Dive right into One Bossy Date today. It’s free with Kindle Unlimited!


Nicole Snow is the author of the new book One Bossy Date

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