The Story Behind The Perfect Stranger by Marin Montgomery

11 Mar 2019

By Marin Montgomery

I picture the beach, the ocean, multi-million dollar properties, and the guise of the people in these homes. In this case, my husband and wife in The Perfect Stranger are both successful, but I wanted them to switch roles. You often read about women who change their appearance, but what about a man who undergoes his own makeover? Is it just for vanity, or is there more than meets the eye?

Trust can be a slippery slope, and the main character, Stella McKinney, is struggling with her own personal revelations. How well can you trust someone and what happens when that trust is broken? As a writer, I’m fascinated by human nature and psychology. I wanted to explore a woman’s own quest for truth in my latest thriller. Stella has her own demons, and her own complexities, after all, she’s human.

Most of us have been shocked to discover someone we know is someone we don’t actually know, whether it be our significant other or a friend. People are complex and layered, and Stella is forced to question not only her marriage, but her friendships.

When I begin a novel, I never know the outcome. I surprise even myself when I decide how it will end. I have to leave something to my own imagination, and even though I might have an inkling it usually changes at some point during the writing process.

For those avid writers that are trying to complete the arduous process of writing their book, here are my suggestions:

Storyboards-Make your characters come to life. Put pictures of what you envision them to be, their hobbies, and any critical details that are pertinent to the story.

Don’t be afraid to draw on your own life experiences-I believe Mark Twain said, “Write what you know”. Draw from your experiences and research the rest.

Keep honing your words-The first draft of my first book was a disaster. I re-wrote it at least five times. I could’ve easily given up and said this wasn’t for me. It takes time and like any craft or skill, you have to practice, practice, practice. With each release, I become a stronger writer and you will also.

Break it down- It can be daunting to imagine seventy-thousand words or the culmination of an entire novel. Divide your story into parts and write down what you want to focus on in each chapter. You can always add more details or figure out pieces of the puzzle by beginning this way.

Marin Montgomery is the author of the new book The Perfect Stranger

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