The Story Behind The Lawyer’s Nanny by Emerson Rose

08 Mar 2018

By Emerson Rose


When coming up with the nanny series, I began to think of what kind of men I wanted to include. They had to be alpha males of course and what better alpha males than a doctor a lawyer and a woodsman?

The hero for The Lawyer’s Nanny was originally going to be the CEO of a bank, but I decided to go a little further, a little bigger, a little more argumentative with the character. And who better than an alpha male attorney to fill that spot?

Alex Wolfe reminds me of another character I wrote a long time ago named Marcus in Unbroken. He was powerful and overbearing and oh so Alpha. But, with Alex I wanted him to be a little softer and a bit more manipulative as he is a lawyer.

But not too soft though, no no. He goes after Olivia no holds barred with everything he has and then some. He knows the moment he sees her that she is special and he pursues her with a vengeance.

If you like your book boyfriends bossy and overbearing with a wounded past and your heroines sassy and independent, you’ll love The Lawyer’s Nanny.

Emerson Rose is the author of the new book The Lawyer’s Nanny

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