The Story Behind The Hero I Need by Nicole Snow

26 Jan 2021

By Nicole Snow

Challenges to love are almost as common as romance tropes, the beating heart a story, and I’ve seen them all as long as I’ve been in the kissing book business. But there are times when I just can’t resist the extra quest for originality. Maybe that’s why I took on the insane task of dropping a secret tiger into the middle of small-town North Dakota in my latest fiery book, The Hero I Need.

Willow Macklin only has one chance to save Bruce, a five-hundred pound Bengal tiger, from a very shady big cat sanctuary. Yes, there’s a certain amount of surprise built-in to a wild tiger rescue mission, but love is the last thing she expects when she collides head-on with Grady McKnight.

Encountering gorgeous, distraught Willow feels like the biggest jolt of his life—right after he’s agreed to put her up at his place, along with her freaking tiger. This is hardly typical for the grump-tastic, walled off, and dangerously handsome Grady. After all, he’s lived the last few years of his life raising twin girls as a single dad between running after his bar. No drama, no critters, and no women were sacrosanct rules.

Leave it to Little Miss Tiger Thief to detonate big daddy’s rule book in a matter of days. And soon, finding a new home for Bruce and dismembering a black market animal trade might be the least of their worries. Because Willow feels just a little too right in his world, especially when she tumbles head over heels for her unlikely hero and his adorable ten-year-old daughters. Hearts, be still.

Destiny has no chill in this book. Grady swore off love for good reason, and Willow never found the right spark before him, but somewhere in the worries, the laughs, and the ominous task ahead—oh, yes. There’s an impossible attraction that threatens to upend everything. Far more than any stolen tiger ever will.

Seriously, I hope you adore the original bite and the stark, naked emotion in this pulse-pounding, funny, and heartfelt small-town romance. It’s a detour through crazytown to a worthy Happily Ever After for two human heats and one big tiger alike, but I’ve always loved to grab my stories by the horns and ride where they bring me. Don’t miss The Hero I Need while it is Free to read with Kindle Unlimited!

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book The Hero I Need.

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