The Story Behind the Fraternity Brothers Series by Emerson Rose

08 Jul 2019

By Emerson Rose

The Fraternity Brothers series was born from compromise. My publisher wanted a series about brothers and their love interests, an idea I liked, but felt had been done many times before. I decided why not expand on the idea of brotherly love and take it in a different direction? And that’s when Fraternity Brothers series started falling into place.

The bond between fraternity brothers is proof that blood isn’t always thicker than water and families come in all shapes and sizes. These seven characters lived with each other during four very important years of their lives. The years when stress was high, partying was serious, and the future was bright.

Now that college is behind them and real life has begun its time to take those degrees and start living the lives they have been preparing for.

Fast and Reckless is the story of Damian Ricci, known to his brothers as a fast driving, womanizing, live in the moment, kind of man with dreams of making it big on the NASCAR circuit.

What he didn’t plan on was a beautiful romance author stealing his heart and altering the course of his life forever. The second he set eyes on Layna Love he knew she was different from any woman he’d been with in college.

She made him feel things, want things, need things he had never considered like monogamy and family. In true Damian Ricci form he put the petal to the metal and went after what he wanted.

His fraternity brothers watched in shock as their friend morphed from a grease monkey into a gentleman, but they weren’t surprised when Layna ghosted him after two months. This was after all, the destroyer of hearts, relationship phobic, Damian Ricci after all.

In true fraternity brother form the guys gave him shit for messing up a good thing and then gathered around to help him pick up the pieces.

To find out what happens with Layna and Damian you’ll need to read Fast and Reckless.

To find out what happens with Hunter, Lennon, Cole, Evan, Jace and Fiona check out the whole series. I know you’ll love these guys and their little sister Fiona as much as I do!

Emerson Rose is the author of the new book Fast and Reckless.

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