The Story Behind The Edge of Forever by J. Saman

25 Mar 2019

By J. Saman

The Edge of Forever is a brother’s best friend, second chance romance with a bit of a twist. This story begins with Aria, our smart, feisty heroine, out having a good time with her friends. Only, the night takes a turn for the worse when she receives a call from the hospital. Her best friend, Josh was attacked and about to be wheeled into surgery. Aria races to the hospital and quickly discovers that Josh’s surgeon is none other than Weston Kincaid, her first…everything.

It’s been ten years since Wes has seen Aria. Ten years since she crawled out of his bedroom window that last time. Ten years since he left and never came back. Life had a way of keeping them apart. But now this sexy surgeon is older, wiser and the horrible demons of his past aren’t quite so debilitating. He’s ready to fight for the girl he never got over. But is he too late? Can time really heal all wounds?

The Edge of Forever weaves in and out of time, taking you on a journey through Aria and Wes’s past and present. We’re hit with growing questions surrounding Josh’s attack. Do Wes and Aria know the people responsible? Will they be brought to justice? This story is full of unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge (pun intended) of your seat until the very last page.

I quickly fell in love with Wes and Aria. Both separately and together. What really drew me to them was how real they felt. My characters aren’t all good and they aren’t all bad. They are flawed and damaged and experience emotions we all do–insecurity, doubt, frustration, jealousy, depression… The list goes on and on. This book was sort of about that for me. This story is about how life is messy, raw and occasionally brutal, but it’s also beautiful, full of hope and love. It’s also about how the best things in life are worth fighting for.


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