The Story Behind The Broken Protector by Nicole Snow

06 Jul 2023

The Story Behind The Broken Protector by Nicole Snow

I’m a believer in stark contrasts. Darkness and light, grumpy meets sunshine, polar opposites, good and evil. It all shows in my latest book, The Broken Protector, a roller coaster of small-town enemies-to-lovers butterflies with high emotion, relentless suspense, and two battered hearts meant to be against the odds.

Delilah Clarendon needed a new beginning in a cozy small town. Not walking in on the worst discovery anyone can make. Not a heap of trouble following her to paradise. Definitely not a huge, bossy, obscenely handsome man with a badge bringing instant chaos to her heart.

Her arrival in little Redhaven, North Carolina, is rough in the extreme. But it’s nothing compared to the storm that descends when she smacks into a man who seems like he was put on this Earth to press all her buttons.

Lucas Graves knew the stranger was trouble wrapped in a small, sinfully tight package the second she showed up with an attitude and heaping mystery in her wake. Newcomers and crazy secrets don’t mix in Redhaven. She’s out of her element, she mouths off constantly, and she flings every bit of crap he gives her right back. He’s sworn to keep her safe—but how much sizzling tension can a man take before feelings erupt? And how long before his mouth lands on hers with a truth he can never take back?

You might notice I’m being cagey about details. Yeah, I don’t dare spoil the meat of this story, and I can’t possibly do full justice to the explosive feels once Lucas and Delilah fall into each other’s gravity. This book is my little love letter to the classic “whodunnit” mystery, but with so much emotion and a glorious romance that throws down to the last chapter.

I hope you’ll saddle up for a trip to this weird little town that will make your heart soar. I promise you’ll be smiling after you indulge in this love story written in the fireflies and the stars. Grab The Broken Protector now while it’s free with Kindle Unlimited!

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book The Broken Protector

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