The Story Behind The Billionaire’s Cinderella by Ava Ryan

27 Oct 2020

By Ava Ryan

What makes a good Cinderella story?

I gave this question plenty of thought when the time came to write the third and final book in my Fairy Tale Billionaires contemporary romance series, The Billionaire’s Cinderella. I wanted to keep things modern and sexy and I had a lot of source material to pick and choose from. In the Brothers Grimm version, for example, our heroine spends a lot of time weeping over her mother’s grave. No thanks on that. The Disney version features a meek Cinderella who spends her time cleaning for her evil stepmother and stepsisters while also sewing clothes for the cute animals who help her. Meek animal seamstress? I’ll pass. My personal favorite, the Whitney Houston/Rogers and Hammerstein version, embraces diversity and goes wild with exuberant music and over-the-top costumes. Love it! But figuring out how to get the characters to break into song in between scorching hot sex scenes is above my pay grade.

In the end, my Cinderella story has a few key elements. Like a feisty pastry chef heroine whose grit, quiet dignity and determination help her rise above her humble beginnings. A rich “prince” who’s a bit more alpha than charming. A half-brother who’s been less than kind to Cinderella in the past. A fairy godmother aunt who helps her out in a few key situations. A ball. A great dress. A fabulous pair of shoes. And, above all, the birth of a tender and unforgettable love affair that leads to a happily ever after when two unlikely people set eyes on each other.

Grab it today and come laugh and swoon with me for a couple of hours. Find out why one reviewer says, “No one does fairy tales quite like Ava Ryan.” (Hopeless Romantic)

Ava Ryan is the author of the new book The Billionaire’s Cinderella.

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