The Story Behind The Best Friend Zone by Nicole Snow

08 Sep 2020

By Nicole Snow

Love. Laughter. Friendship. Tears. Suspense. Goats. Eggplants. Steam. Scheming grannies. Fiery romance. The Best Friend Zone, my hot new release, is a lot of things, but mostly it explores one question: what happens when two stubborn hearts shatter lines?

There’s nothing more fascinating in romance than when wrong feels oh-so-right. That’s exactly the dilemma facing two damaged characters who spent their teenage summers together as friends, despite being worlds apart in status, dreams, and temperaments.

When Tory Redson-Riddle-Coffey escapes to little Dallas, North Dakota, nursing a broken heart and the bum knee that’s trashed her dance career, she’s low on hope and high on sweet small-town memories. Her curiosity is instantly lit when she literally crashes into her old friend slash secret crush, Quinn Faulkner, while playing goat wrangler for her uncle’s Rent-A-Goat business. Quinn’s still every delectable bit the boy she remembers, and now he’s grown up hotter, growlier, and even more overprotective than he was back in the day.


No other phrase fits for Quinn. He came back to Dallas to fix up his grandpa’s house, not fall for Tory again. Miss Off-limits has haunted him for years, ever since the day she slipped face-first into a Peach pie and he cleaned her up. Now, the “Peach” he knows is older, sweet, and deliriously tempting. And when he finds out a dangerous loose end from his FBI career has revenge in mind, she’s also in danger.

Lines will be crossed. Reckless kisses, guaranteed. Tory and Faulk are on the road to discovering the truest, deepest, most meaningful love might be closer than they ever dreamed, if only they can be honest with themselves—with a little help from a tribe of goats, quirky friends, Tory’s matchmaker granny, and one big ol’ mastiff.

If I dare say more, it’ll ruin the sweet insanity. But trust me, I had a total riot piecing together my usual brand of fast-paced small-town romantic suspense with this hilarious, emotional, and insanely sexy slice of friends-to-lovers goodness.

This book put me through a gauntlet of feels—all the best and worst—and I’m confident it’ll do the same for you. So come on down to little Dallas and stay a while with The Best Friend Zone! Free in Kindle Unlimited.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book The Best Friend Zone.

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