The Story Behind The Artist by Elin Peer

06 Oct 2020

By Elin Peer

I’ve always felt like the luckiest author alive because my books seem to attract the most wonderful, generous, and kind readers. In a way, my journey as an author is symbiotic with my readers so many take the time to write me messages, sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Over the years, I’ve received encouragement, and offers to beta read and give feedback on character development. I’m deeply grateful for the help in perfecting the books.

In return, I’ve worked hard to learn and continue to grow as an author. I’ve also named characters after readers and the people they love. Dedicated books to the most dedicated fans. And added books to a series that I thought was done.

My latest book, The Artist, is a product of love and perseverance.

Thousands of fans of the Men of the North series took time to express their love for the large, tough Nmen and the strong women who challenge them. They begged for more books with the banter and sharp dialogue that they’ve come to expect from me.

Five books became ten books.

“That will stop the messages,” I thought, but no!

Then I added a prequel as a bonus, filling it with adventure, plot-twists, and steamy letters.

Still, the messages kept coming, asking for more books.

It took a year, but then a new idea started brewing in my mind.

I couldn’t go back and write more of the same. I wanted a new twist to the saga. Something that would take the third generation in the Men of the North series to new heights.

The first reviews of The Artist – Men of the North #11 are now in and I’m delighted to see readers saying:

“…this is one of the most original series I have read.” Terry

“Each new release by Elin Peer seems better than the last. The Artist is full of witty dialog and smart comebacks! You’ll find yourself giggling regularly. So glad Peer’s fans convinced her to add this third generation set of another five books to the stories of the Men of North!” Retired to read.” Jen

“Words…Elin has taken all of the good ones and put them in all of the perfect permutations to get the very best Men of the North book yet! I can’t wait to see where she continues to take the series. Elin is a One-Click author for me, and she is part of a very short list! Congrats on another masterpiece!” Jessica Dion.

“Ever feel a little lost and adrift when you finish an amazing series? Me too. After finishing the ten-book Men of the North series, I was so disappointed that my time with these compelling characters was ending – and then I was thrilled to hear that the third generation was coming!” Jen

I invite you to come with us to the Northlands, and experience for yourself what has so many readers hooked on this series.

Right now, you can get the prequel Forbidden Letters for FREE on my website

Love, Elin

Elin Peer is the author of the new book The Artist.

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