The Story Behind Sworn to Protect by Kimberly Readnour

02 Feb 2021

By Kimberly Readnour

What happens when one of your favorite authors opens their world up to write in? That’s an easy answer. You jump at the chance to be included!

I adore K. Bromberg, and her Everyday Heroes series is one of my favorites. When I heard she had opened her world for submissions, I squealed and totally fangirled. I couldn’t fill the application out fast enough.

After being accepted, I had the hard (but oh so much fun) job of figuring out a plot. Cockpit, book three in the EH series, was my favorite, so I knew my story would be based on that book. If you hadn’t read it, the main hero flew a medivac. Well, that information led to Nate Dixon and Mackenzie Gillman being born. I say born because these characters are very much alive in my head! 🙂

So, what about Sworn to Protect? If you mix a broody, ex-military surgeon with a grieving, headstrong, single mom and toss in a covert mission, you’ll get a sexy-sweet, concealed identity contemporary.

I loved, loved, loved writing this book. Every. Single. Part. I fell hard and deep for Nate. In fact, I want to keep him for myself. He’s my perfect book boyfriend. He’s guarded and carries a load of guilt on his shoulders, but oh man, does he know how to be swoon-worthy. Mackenzie is fiercely loyal and determined. They complement each other perfectly, which is why I decided to share him!

Sworn to Protect is filled with emotions, drama, and love. I do hope you’ll find it to be a worthy member of the Everyday Heroes World.

Kimberly Readnour is the author of the new book Sworn to Protect.

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