The Story Behind Still Not Yours by Nicole Snow

19 Nov 2018

By Nicole Snow

Total freaking opposites.

There are so many fun possibilities when that phrase comes up in romance. It’s an old trope and it’s evergreen for a reason. Of course, since this is a Nicole Snow book, I just had to put it through my own patented swoon spinner to come up with a unique tale of friction, loss, and love against the odds. That’s how I came up with Riker Woods and Olivia Holly, the hero and heroine of my latest book, Still Not Yours.

He’s insanely hot. Damaged. Older. A tragic beast who’s more than a little rough around the edges with an oh-so-irresistible heart of gold underneath. That comes in handy as a single dad raising a brilliant little girl. Especially when a feisty young woman comes into his life and threatens to upend the orderly, predictable family world he always thought he knew. What else can a man who’s made the protector archetype his career do? Orders are orders when his boss says they’ve got a gig.

Enter Olivia. Liv. If she hadn’t just seen a man gunned down in front of her, she might be young and feisty and ready to take her long-delayed piece of the world. It hasn’t been easy for her after a life under her wealthy father’s thumb and her world-famous popstar sister’s long shadow.

She’s ill-equipped for a man like Riker. Damn if she isn’t smitten, though. And who wouldn’t be when they’re up close and personal? It’s Riker’s job to protect his latest client. What better way than moving her in with a fake engagement for cover? Then things get shockingly complicated.

You get what I’m going for here. Riker and Liv are a tough job for Cupid. Good thing that sneaky little punk always finds a way. It’s a whole lot of drama, laughs, tears, thrills, and soul-searching before these two find their Happily Ever After.

In the end, when I was done with this book, I realized I’d uncovered something important. It takes a huge, ginormous heart to be honest with yourself. And honesty might just be the surest path to love.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Still Not Yours

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