The Story Behind Still Not Love by Nicole Snow

18 Feb 2019

By Nicole Snow

A whirlwind. A sweetness. A sting.

That’s how my latest heroine, Faye, describes the man who left her heart in mushy pieces in my brand new romance thriller, Still Not Love. The same man who’s come back to save her from the big bad in this tale of love against past tragedies, present tensions, and Mother freaking Nature.

Our whirlwind begins with a hint of a spectacular love lost. I adore second chances, so it’s no surprise this book runs away that theme. But it’s also a second stab at so much more.

James Nobel, rock hard bodyguard extraordinaire, is the most complex hero I’ve ever written. He’s got a dark secret to unravel and Faye to win back – and somehow, he’s got to find time to finish his dead mother’s romance novel.


James is the kind of razor blade man I love.

Sharp, yet sophisticated. Dangerous, yet gentle. Alpha as all Hades, yet able to charm panties into vapor.

He’s never gotten rid of the love bug for Faye, but raw tragedy made him bury it deep. I knew when I started this story it’d take a mountain to crack him open and let his urge to re-claim her spill out, so of course I went a little crazy with the challenges.

A whole crew of baddies led by a truly devious villain – but you’ll have to guess who.

A blinding snowstorm that pins down James and Faye at a luxury resort.

A shocking twist of fate or ten that takes them down the long, hard road back to love.

There’s fire and ice to go around here. I adored the heck out of writing their story like I always do, but something else happened while I was bringing Faye and James to the hardest Happily Ever After imaginable.

I fell in love with the whole Enguard Security team again.

Perfect timing because this is the last standalone novel in the arc of the men and women I’ve been pouring my soul into for the better part of the last year.

Goodbyes are hard. But the only thing that’s worse is dragging something out until it becomes bland and lifeless.

I always promised I’d never let that happen with my books. James and Faye give the pages one more memorable sizzle and create a tough act for me to follow with future stories, but of course I’m gonna try!

Can you tell I’m a sucker for hard won love? And wouldn’t you agree it’s the very best?

I hope you’ll offer up your heart for one more wicked wringing – when James and Faye reach their final destination, I promise it’s so worth it.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Still Not Love

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