The Story Behind Still Not Into You by Nicole Snow

16 Oct 2018

By Nicole Snow

I like my romance with a heaping shower of sparks. And my, my, my did I catch the flint just right when I set out to put Skylar and Gabe’s story down on paper (or is it e-ink?) in Still Not Into You.

All the good parts are there.

Growly, damaged beast man with the world’s sexist southern drawl meets damaged girl.

Damaged girl doesn’t have time for beast-man. Or any man.

They’ve both got a missing baby girl to save, who just so happens to be Skylar’s niece.

Oh, plus Gabe’s now her new bodyguard – her boss’ orders – after a dangerous twist emerges.

This love story is a study in contrasts. He’s a titan with a heart of gold. She’s a firecracker in a small package. Deep down, their fears are very different. He’s scared of a ticking time bomb left by his family history, and she’s been hurt too many times to ever love again.

Fortunately for these two, Cupid is a schemer. It takes a whole lot of crazy drama, enemies-to-lovers chemistry, and a shocking mystery to bring them together. This ride is a heartache and a half, but when the Happily Ever After hits, it may just be an A-bomb.

The little details truly helped bring Sky and Gabe to life. We see heroes with a military background all the time, and this man is no exception, but what about the ladies? I gave Sky a rough and tumble background fitting for her broken glass heart. As for Louisiana boy Gabe, every line of dialogue I read off in his accent just thrilled me to pieces! The wit, the teasing, the sugary sweetness, it’s there. You win this round, southern boys.

I can’t tell you to rush on over to Amazon and one-click this book…but you should rush the heck over and one-click this book! It’s that good. My best book ever. No exaggeration.

Some books hurt when the end finally arrives and the last page is done. This one has that pain, but it’s so electric and uplifting and beautiful that I think I’ve found the new gold standard for all my future works.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Still Not Into You

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