The Story Behind Steadfast by Danielle Norman

25 Mar 2019

By Danielle Norman

Sometimes the toughest cowboys are girls. It was that phrase that got me started with this series. For twenty-five years I lived in a small town in Florida where literally everyone knew your name. The school where my children attended took all the kids outside to sit in the field to watch the space shuttle launch and there was a sign in front of the school that read, No Horses Allowed on the Sidewalk.
To say it was a cowboy town was an understatement.

People always hear stories about the good ole days, well this is one of those places that is a short car ride away from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks, and life is still like the good ole days.

When people think of Florida this isn’t what they envision. So I decided to write a series set in the town of Geneva, Florida it was rich with history, I kept all of that in there, like the fact that one of the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination is buried in the tiny cemetery but only his head, then I added my characters and finally mixed in a love story. I believe readers will love this country theme that isn’t a western. Of course it has my typical sarcasm throughout.

Steadfast is book three in the Iron Horse series although it can be read as a stand-alone. It is the story of Holland Kelly, she is the youngest of the three Kelly sisters. The bane of her existence is her next-door neighbor Dick Brooks. Okay, his name really is Reid but Holland thinks Dick sound so much better. When they are forced to come to a meeting of the minds the country girl wants to send his Thoroughbred ass packing back to Kentucky with his Triple Crown and his Mint Juleps.

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