The Story Behind Sonata by Skye Warren

05 Aug 2019

By Skye Warren

Some authors keep a notebooks by their bedside to jot down ideas. I keep a mental list, not because I’m great at remembering things. I’m terrible at it, which is why I know if an idea won’t leave me alone, it’s important.

From the time I read my very first guardian ward romance, which was Lord of Ice by Gaelen Foley, there was something about the forbidden setup that called me. Since then I’ve discovered many more guardian ward stories in historical romance, such as The Seducer by Madeline Hunter which is one of my favorite books. Lush, complex, and utterly beguiling.

It’s a little less common to see a taboo subject broached in a contemporary romance, but one such book is Nikolai by Roxie Rivera. I love tortured heroes who are restrained by honor but tempted enough to break their own rules. And I love the heroines who have the inevitable innocence of someone in a “ward” position but with the strength to match wits with someone older.

The idea of a contemporary guardian ward story has never left me, and when it spoke to me one more time, I decided to write OVERTURE. Publisher’s Weekly said, “Warren’s tortured, honorable hero will break even the hardest hearts.” Which I love! That’s what I wanted for this book.

Now that SONATA is releasing, the trilogy is complete. Readers can read through three full-length novels to find the taboo, the emotion, and the very sexy scenes that happen when desire breaks free of restraint.

Skye Warren is the author of the new book Sonata.

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