The Story Behind Say You Love Me by Willow Rose

07 Oct 2019

By Willow Rose

While being evacuated from Hurricane Dorian, I was writing this book. So, of course, I had to put a hurricane in the book.
It was odd writing about a hurricane while waiting for it to approach our home, not knowing what our house would look like after the storm.
When we left, it looked like it would be a direct hit on Cocoa Beach, and that scared me, to be honest.
So I evacuated to a beautiful cabin in the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina.
Here in these stunning surroundings, I was writing about Eva Rae Thomas searching for a vicious killer on Amelia Island.
She was also trying to mend the broken pieces between her and her father. All this while a cat 5 hurricane was approaching.

Luckily, we got off easy in real life, and nothing happened to our home or even our town. Others weren’t so lucky, especially not people in the Bahamas, as you probably know. It was truly devastating to see the pictures coming out of there in the days that followed.

As usual, a lot of the elements in this book comes from real life – not just the hurricane.

There’s a webpage, for instance, where people who fantasize about doing a mass shooting meet.
I found the articles written about the El Paso shooter how he posted his manifest on this webpage. Here people who dreamt about doing mass shootings could talk to one another and cheer on each other.

The webpage was initially created for people to be able to speak freely but later misused. It’s closed down now, but they fear it’ll just pop up somewhere else. It’s a frightening thought that people like that can meet online and help each other along to do these awful things, and counting kill-scores. It scares me like crazy.
You can read more about it in this article if you want to know more:

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