The Story Behind Ruthless by Kira Blakely

24 Jan 2018

By Kira Blakely

Everything about my new book is ruthless.

Eli, who’s a vigilante and ruthless in pursuit of his goal: to bring down the step-father who kicked him out on the streets and took his mother from him.

Nina, who’s ruthless in pursuit of love and in her belief that her father, that very same man, can’t be as bad as what Eli’s telling her.

She’s his estranged step-sister.

He’s her kryptonite.

A man with the devil’s cock matched with a woman whose sweet as a saint.

Together, they form one hell of a spicy team, if they can get over their mistrust of each other.

I decided on Ruthless as a project because I really wanted to explore a hero who had a darker background, and with that, a darker villain. I wanted to see what the characters would do – whether they’d be torn apart by their differing opinions or brought together by their love.

The one scene I truly enjoyed writing was kinda early on in the book. It was steamy, just after Eli had revealed a bit of important information, and it’s where Nina coined the phrase ‘devil’s cock.’ She just can’t resist him and he can’t resist her and it’s totally screwing up their plans!

Nothing gets me more excited than taking two opposite characters and throwing them together in a pressure cooker situation. Hopefully, that’s exactly what I’ve achieved with Ruthless.

Obviously, I’m not going to tell you what happens, you’ll have to find out for yourself! And I hope you love it.

Kira Blakely is the author of the new book Ruthless

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