The Story Behind Ruined by Them by Kelli Callahan

18 Mar 2019

By Kelli Callahan

The series hinges on a few critical events, but I won’t spoil them here. What I will tell you is that you get to see how these events shape the lives of multiple people in each book. Sometimes things aren’t completely black or white, and those kinds of things are perfect for the dark romance genre. It opens up a world of possibilities that become sinfully delicious as you turn the page.
In Ruined by Them, you will get to meet Amber. She’s been in the foster system her whole life, and just when she thinks she’s found the perfect family — it all comes crashing down. In the aftermath, she decides to track down her real father, but all she has is an old photograph that her mother left behind with two words on the back:
Adrian — Chicago
Fans of the series will know exactly who this is, but if you are new to it, you’ll learn very quickly! This book is a standalone title, so you get the complete story, along with some details that were never revealed in the previous books.
On her way to Chicago to track down her father, Amber ends up homeless in Denver, where she meets the first man who shows her true kindness. Ryan is flawless and incredible in her eyes, but he doesn’t see himself like that. He’s broken, mourning his own tragic past, and sees Amber as someone who is in need of a friend. It’s bittersweet for them both, especially when Amber’s journey has to continue.
Once Amber finally gets to Chicago, she ends up in the arms of a very dangerous man. Oliver knows who the man in the photograph is, and when he realizes Amber is his enemy’s daughter, he sees an opportunity to settle an old score by destroying her. Oliver’s cruelty is a twisted contrast to Ryan’s kindness, but she doesn’t know how to escape it.
Amber is eventually forced to make a hard choice, and she does what she believes is right — only to become a pawn in an even bigger game. When Ryan and Oliver come to her aide, she quickly realizes that both of them are ready to go to war for her heart.
But how can there be a winner?
When there are only survivors?

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