The Story Behind Reckless Love by J. Saman

26 Jun 2018

By J. Saman

Reckless Love is a best friends-to-lovers, second-chance, standalone. It starts with a string of text messages, where our hero, Jameson, is begging our heroine, Lyric, to come home. And this prologue sort of guts you. You feel her conflict. You feel her anger. You feel her heartbreak, because it’s been four years since she’s heard from the man who was supposed to be her everything. Her forever. Until he wasn’t.

Lyric is the daughter of a rock star and is serious about music in her own right, but as a producer instead of performer. Jameson is your typical college jock. Cocky, smart, charming and likes his fun, with women and parties and sports. But when he sees Lyric, the girl he grew up with and always had a thing for, sitting in his college class, everything changes. But Jameson has his own battles, his own stresses that seem to be mounting, one on top of the other, as the story progresses.

The two become best friends and eventually lovers before their dreams and lives take over reality and separate them. And with that separation comes a long-distance relationship that is on a collision course for failure. And with that failure, comes heartbreak. We pick back up four years later, where our story began, and watch as Jameson guts himself to try and win Lyric, the love of his life, back. But second chances don’t always come easy.

This story came to me in a dream. And when I woke up, I couldn’t get it, or the characters, out of my head. I wrote it in 2 weeks. It flew out and is actually a little different than my typical story. My characters often have more of a tragic arc to them. But I fell in love with Lyric and Jameson (especially Jameson) and I fell in love with their story. In fact, it might be my favorite book to date.

J. Saman is the author of the new book Reckless Love

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