The Story Behind One Hot Daddy by Kira Blakely

30 May 2018

By Kira Blakely

One Hot Daddy was one of the first books I wrote that I truly fell in love with myself.

It was because the subject matter – love curing all, beating all – was so close to my heart – in fact, that was my whole reason for writing the book.

I really wanted to explore the fact that love can overcome everything from a rough past to literal legal issues holding back the protagonists from being with each other. Yeah, just that it conquers all.

One Hot Daddy is that, wrapped up in a sexy rock star guise.

Quentin is the ex-rock star daddy who’s put his past and his desires behind him to take on the responsibility of running a magazine and raising his daughter right. He doesn’t sleep with women, he doesn’t open up to anyone, until Charlotte walks into his office.

Charlotte is the new intern at the magazine, and is one hundred percent determined to write her way to the top. She’s totally passionate and loves music and writing. Losing her position at the magazine would be her worst nightmare.

Which is why there’s such a huge problem: Quentin is irresistible, but he’s her boss, and there’s a no-fraternization policy in place. This means that both Quentin and Charlotte could lose their jobs if they’re found out.

It’s naughty, it’s forbidden, but it’s about unlocking all those closed off parts of themselves and being true to each other, even when times get tough.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is though it’s funny, light, and spunky, my connection to this book goes very deep, and that’s why I’m re-releasing it with new content, a year later. It’s my all-time fave!

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Kira Blakely is the author of the new book One Hot Daddy

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