The Story Behind One Bossy Offer by Nicole Snow

23 Mar 2023

The Story Behind One Bossy Offer by Nicole Snow

Just like life, all good romance books should be bursting at the seams with banter, hilarious obstacles, and heartfelt moments so intense they leave you in a fuzzy smiling haze. In my latest grumpy-sunshine romance novel, One Bossy Offer, the seams completely rip and everything spills out.

Jennifer Landers thinks she’s just been handed a fresh start. Her beloved grandmother left her a cozy inn far from the big-city rat race she’s used to. But before she can even stop to smell the roses with two big, lovable Dobermanns she’s also inherited, in walks trouble. A rich, devilishly handsome stranger who’s hellbent on buying her out for his own mysterious purposes. Chasing him off her doorstep couldn’t be more awkward when the dogs yank her robe open, giving him an eyeful he’ll never forget.

Miles Cromwell can’t stop wondering what just hit him. Jenn Landers is too stubborn, too mouthy, and far too close to disrupting his long-sought solitude. Nothing else matters for a supergrump CEO hiding a battered heart. But Jenn isn’t selling without a fight.

Until costly renovations at the inn give him the opening he needs. When a desperate Jenn signs on to work for him in exchange for a hefty payday, it should be the opening he needs.

Actually, it’s an earthquake. She’s not expecting the moody, demanding Miles to show any hint he has a heart bigger than a raisin—but he turns into a total softie for her dogs. He’s not expecting to have his blood run molten when he sees Jenn with another man—and how can he resist storming in with a kiss that claims her soul?

But as hearts get their wires crossed, secrets come spilling out, and soon these enemies-to-lovers are forced to confront the abyss between them and Ever After. Yes, it’s as emotional, heart-stabby, and beautifully unhinged as it sounds.

Don’t sleep on this one if you like a spicy billionaire read with a side of serious feels. Grab One Bossy Offer while it’s Free with Kindle Unlimited!

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book One Bossy Offer

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