The Story Behind One Bossy Dare by Nicole Snow

14 Jul 2022

Sometimes love starts with one big sip of ego, misunderstanding, and hilarity plus one unbelievable challenge. My latest book, One Bossy Dare, is a double shot of the alpha single dad trope and electrifying enemies-to-lovers goodness, but it’s also so much more!

Eliza Angelo, daydream believer and coffee-nerd extraordinaire, doesn’t usually get in strange men’s faces. But she never expected the chiseled, cocky suit snarling at her favorite neighborhood barista. The man was begging for an ego check. She delivered. And for her trouble, she won the most unlikely job offer ever with one big certifiably grumpy alpha catch—answering to him.

Cole Lancaster never thought he’d find his new muse and a massive headache in the same striking woman with a mouth from Hades. Too bad there’s no denying her coffee genius, and the fact that she gets along with his teenage daughter is just icing on the cake. Except Cole doesn’t do cake—or artsy young women he just can’t evict from his head. So when he dares her to do the unthinkable—work under him—it’s all business. Purely professional (if you can call that banter professional). Temporary.

Until one reckless slip into passion says no flipping way. Then it’s so intense that even a supergrump and Miss Sunshine could start believing in impossible forevers.

This book is a little bit of everything I love in the romance genre. Steamy, strong, and so unspeakably complicated that Eliza and Cole have to take on the entire world to win their Happily Ever After. But that’s what makes it so much sweeter in the end.

If hard-won love stories light your fire as much as they do mine, then I have an unforgettable cup of office romance bliss that will leave you smiling. Check out One Bossy Dare while it’s Free with Kindle Unlimited!

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book One Bossy Dare

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