The Story Behind No White Knight by Nicole Snow

12 May 2020

By Nicole Snow

There’s nothing quite like a fiery love with teeth. Anyone who’s followed my books for a while knows I’m a little obsessed with the enemies-to-lovers theme. Oh, but I promise you—it’s never been done like it has in No White Knight.

Libby Potter is at the end of her rope. She’s poured everything into the family ranch and a home for her horses, the place she promised her recently deceased father she’d rebuild. But trouble’s on the horizon with a scheming sister and her shady-as-heck boyfriend, a bank after back taxes, and a spine-chilling secret her dad left behind on the Potter ranch.

Even so, she’s the last woman on earth who’d ever go looking for a white knight—and Holt Silverton so ain’t that. It’s hate at first sight the day he walks up with a cocky offer to fix her woes and make a big deal for his construction business that just so happens to involve her precious land.

Hate, and so much more.

It’s banter. It’s hearts in knots. It’s a screaming hot, off-limits attraction they both try so hard to deny.

Coming home to small-town Heart’s Edge after having his big city dreams crushed has landed Holt face-to-face with the ghosts of his own past and one smart-mouthed, stubborn cowgirl. When the stakes get higher, Holt’s after more than playing games. He just might be the dark knight Libby needs.

The dragon they’re facing down together isn’t what it seems, either. Not just the group of schemers after Libby’s place, but an insane mystery wrapped up in her dad’s legacy that will change their small town forever.

I love everything about this emotional powder keg of a book. It features a different kind of star-crossed lovers hauling around two beat up hearts. Emphasis on stars. What falls from the sky plays a very important role in this book’s mystery arc, and it’s central to the wonderfully weird, unlikely bond Holt forges with Libby.

Turns out, reconciling hearts is almost as hard as making sense of dreams.

But if the Happily Ever After weren’t battle scarred, singed, and truly worthwhile, it wouldn’t be a slow-burn love story by yours truly. This standalone ride into the full spectrum of feels might be my best Heroes of Heart’s Edge book ever. You decide.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book No White Knight.

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