The Story Behind No Good Doctor by Nicole Snow

05 Aug 2019

By Nicole Snow

Woof. Meow. Hiss.

Those are sounds Dr. Gray Caldwell hears in his daily life running The Menagerie, the only vet clinic in small town Heart’s Edge. Then there are other noises – the many smitten, breathless ladies who fall all over themselves for a chance at a date with the hottest bachelor in town. Or the dull, numb thud of his own icy heart as he remembers why he closed himself off from love, and how high the stakes can get if he has to re-emerge to protect his town and the people he cares about.

Doc isn’t your run-of-the-mill, incredibly handsome and brilliant vet in No Good Doctor, my latest novel. He’s also a man of many secrets and the reason Heart’s Edge didn’t become a disaster zone almost a decade ago.

Doc is a man in stasis, seeking help treating his many furry patients. His new hire, Ember Delwen, should be the perfect vet tech.

But Gray didn’t expect a woman like her to walk through his door. So innocent, alive, and intense in a way he hasn’t felt since the unspeakable consumed him. This shy, klutzy slip of a girl with a pure heart and an ear for music is nothing but trouble, an irresistible crack in his world.

The attraction is magnetic. Natural. Wrong.

The chemistry is off the charts.

The secrets are insane. Dangerous. Everything Doc vows to protect her from.

Because Ember isn’t the only new arrival in Heart’s Edge. Two familiar faces storm back into his life with different motives and hazy lies. Doc can only count on two things.

Neither of his old enemies came to do good. And by the time the storm passes, it won’t be the good doctor who sorts it out and lays claim to Ember, but the bad one he’s locked away inside himself for too long.

This is the story of a man, a hero, a town, and a great big love against the odds. I originally set out to tell a tale about a tough vet with a heart of gold after the only woman who can make him whole again.

Somewhere along the way, this book got steeped in the evolving myth of Heart’s Edge, a place where love conquers sinister secrets and everybody is up in everybody’s else’s business. Small town Americana is where you get the very best of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Maybe that’s why this book brings the fire, the feels, and a lot of laughs as Doc and Ember save all the animals and their fellow citizens. But it’s also got the unpredictable suspense and angst and riveting side characters I’d like to think people imagine when they say, “Now, that’s Nicole Snow!”

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book No Good Doctor.

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