The Story Behind No Gentle Giant by Nicole Snow

15 Jun 2021

Fear. Not what you expect with a romance book, but let’s be honest. It’s one heck of a motivator in life, in overcoming your darkest hour, and even in love. Conquering it is definitely on center stage in my latest small-town romantic suspense, No Gentle Giant.

Felicity Randall lives in her dead father’s shadow. For years, she’s been haunted by his mistakes, and his old enemies just won’t stop inserting themselves in her life. They’re coming to collect on a debt she doesn’t even understand. They’re a threat to her dreams, her family, and even her beloved little coffee shop in a cozy Montana town. But even the worst problems can’t keep a woman from admiring the gorgeous, kind, and utterly ginormous man who stops in regularly for his cup of joe.

And you’d better believe Paxton “Alaska” Charter has had his eye on the pretty, shy girl from the coffee shop. More than his eye, in fact, when his photography-obsessed teenage son accidentally helps smash up Felicity’s shop during an accident. This single dad swore off women and love forever ago, but there’s no denying the sizzle the instant he’s drawn into Felicity’s world.

For her, a former SEAL can take another plunge. Anything to unravel that mysterious, troubled look in her eyes and see her smile one freaking time.

It’s so on. The mystery. The suspense. The thrill of love after an agonizing drought.

The deeper they dive into each other, the darker the secrets.

The brighter their hearts.

The hotter the nights.

The bigger and scarier the stakes.

Remember what I said about fear? This is a book about two battered hearts on a roller coaster dive into the abyss, bad memories, and the fight to rekindle a flame too massive to ignore. When Alaska steps up and takes control, he’ll move heaven, earth, and sky for a chance at a Happily Ever After with Felicity—and he’s sworn to convince her as soon as he lays claim to her heart. No matter how intense, infuriating, or dangerous it may be.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book No Gentle Giant

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