The Story Behind No Broken Beast by Nicole Snow

11 Nov 2019

By Nicole Snow

No Broken Beast ain’t no fairy tale.

My latest Heart’s Edge romance thriller is beauty and the beast meets secret baby meets small town mystery. I brought along everything that plays my heartstrings like a rockstar on an angry bender and stuffed it into one wild read.

Two tormented, meant-to-be characters with so much in the way of their happy fate. Star-crossed lovers barely begins to describe what Mr. Nine and Rissa are up against.

Clarissa Bell is dragged back to Heart’s Edge to face the ghosts of her past as the daughter of the very wicked, very dead Mayor. Not a lot of choice when her little sister goes missing and she’s forced back to her old stomping grounds. Then finds out her sis went sniffing around their past – all the things Clarissa warned her to ignore.

It gets better.

Soon, she’s also face-to-face with the man she loved and lost. Leo Regis, known by the townspeople as “Nine,” a beast, an outlaw, a legend, and also – surprise! – a daddy to a secret baby. Oh, and if that’s not enough, he’s sitting on a heap of secrets about his own mysterious past, which may be the key to reclaiming his woman and saving his town once and for all.

If you’re familiar with my books, you know how crazy can get. I like my lovin’ with a side of sweet insanity. If you’re a newcomer, brace for impact. Because No Broken Beast brings together two beat up hearts, an adorable smartypants little boy, and a whole cast of characters who are the pulse of my weird little mountain town.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book No Broken Beast.

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