The Story Behind Neil Turner’s The Secrets She Buried

09 Nov 2022

The Story Behind The Secrets She Buried

Like many people, I’ve grown weary of all things COVID-19; as a novelist, the pandemic presents a conundrum. Write about it? Ignore it? After all, many people read to escape the messy realities of life—I know I do. I’ve chosen to acknowledge the pandemic in my fictional world, but mostly in passing. It feels too big to ignore but I can’t bring myself to spend several months immersing myself (and my readers) in the writing of a story depicting the tragedy. My readers seem to approve of this approach—or they’re too polite to say otherwise.

As an author—particularly a thriller author—my thoughts inevitably turn to what ifs. What if an unscrupulous villain used the cover of the pandemic to mask a murder? What if they sought to profit from the crime? How would they do it? Who would be involved? What clues might be left behind? Who would unravel the puzzle and how? What if the killer discovered they were in peril? What would they do? Who would that put in danger? And off we go!

The sixth Tony Valenti thriller novel, The Secrets She Buried, is the result of my mind rummaging around in those endless possibilities. Tony and his partner, Penelope Brooks, unwittingly stumble into a nightmare that threatens everything and everyone they hold dear. If you want to know who did what, when, where, why, and how the pressure cooker of a murder case strains relationships, long-held beliefs, and opens the door to new possibilities, you can buy The Secrets She Buried at 50% off for a limited time or you can read it (and the rest of the series) in Kindle Unlimited. Happy reading!


Neil Turner is the author of the new book The Secrets She Buried

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