The Story Behind Mountain Billionaire by Eva Luxe

13 Feb 2018

By Eva Luxe

I usually write billionaires and I enjoy that but I’ve also enjoyed the mountain man trend.

That made me think, what if there was a billionaire who fled a life of luxury for a secluded life in the woods?

In this book, Zach tries to run from his father even though it means giving up his fortune.

But once he meets Paige, he’s forced to confront his past in multiple ways.

I really like how the couple helps each other overcome obstacles and move from isolation to normal life.

But, Zach still maintains the rugged, strong mountain man persona that Paige fell in love with, even though she helps him change for the better in other ways, and that’s my favorite thing about this book.

Eva Luxe is the author of the new book Mountain Billionaire

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