The Story Behind Margaritas at the Beach House Hotel by Judith Keim

30 Jun 2021

By Judith Keim 

Margaritas at the Beach House Hotel is the fifth book in the Beach House Hotel series, starting with Breakfast at the Beach House Hotel. Then, Lunch, Dinner, and Christmas at the Beach House Hotel follow. This book might never have been written if readers hadn’t begged me to write another about Ann and Rhonda running the Beach House Hotel.

I finally had time between writing other books that made it possible to revisit the series and am I glad that I did. Ann and Rhonda are two of my favorite characters.

Two different people in every way, they first meet through their daughters as college roommates. Both dumped by their husbands, Ann and Rhonda form a connection and a strong desire to do well on their own. Though Rhonda has won the Florida lottery and is set financially, she needs to add meaning to her life. Homeless and jobless after her divorce, Ann needs to start over. With Ann’s business skills and Rhonda’s connections, the two make a go of turning Rhonda’s seaside mansion into a small, upscale hotel.

But running a hotel isn’t easy. Guests come and go, bringing all kinds of stories with them. Some good, others not. Remarried now, Ann and Rhonda, like most women, have family issues to deal with, as well, which they discuss over margaritas when they can. Their problems become even bigger when Ann and Rhonda promise to keep an abused woman safely hidden at the hotel, with all kinds of consequences.

Margaritas at the Beach House Hotel is another book readers have wanted in the series everyone loves. Stay tuned! Dessert at the Beach House Hotel, the sixth book in the series, will be released next year!

Judith Keim is the author of the new book Margaritas at The Beach House Hotel

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