The Story Behind Lawbreaker by Kat and Stone Bastion

17 Sep 2018

By Kat & Stone Bastion

When penning a fictional novel, “write what you know” is the predominant sage advice. It’s certainly worked well for us in the past. But while fleshing out the characters and adventures within Lawbreaker, we sprinkled it with more of our experiences than any other novel we’ve created.

Ben’s control-measure quirk to leave a quarter-inch of scotch in his glass? His alcoholic father? Torn straight from the pages of Stone’s life—well, except for the federal crimes part.

Homeless overtaking a nearly hundred-million-dollar renovated crown-jewel city library? Their underground networks taking care of one another? Ripped from real-world headlines we’d recently been affected by.

But the charity-scramble chapter? Immortalized our inaugural golf experience.

Kat was the first to shout “Birdie, baby!” when the ringer of our ragtag scramble foursome sank a phenomenal putt. And the fox-theft thing? Yep. That’s true too.

In fact, much of runaway Shay’s dry-humor attitude toward golf came from our own newbie antics on the fairways and greens.

And the whole naughty golf-shirt idea? Total discussion we had about how someone needed to shake up the country-club set.

Don’t get us wrong; we love golf. Sort of.

Ever play an exhausting, challenging eighteen holes? No wonder there’s a nineteenth.

In Lawbreaker, Shay and Ben come from vastly different worlds, but when they overcome distrust of one another and cynicism about their respective stereotypes, they not only find common ground…but seize the opportunity to become heroes to many. Our kind of heroes.

Through their whirlwind romance, they find that true family are those you trust to have your back. Ditto.

Want to dive into a modern-day fairy tale of Robin Hood, Peter Pan, and Cinderella…filled with adventure, dry humor, quick-witted banter, a touch of mystery, and a hard-earned happily ever after? We did. And had a blast with Lawbreaker. We hope you do too.

 Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion are the authors of the new book Lawbreaker

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