The Story Behind Knocked Up By The Beast by Aria R. Blue

23 Mar 2021

By Aria R. Blue

They call it the tale as old as time for a reason. 

The beloved fairytale of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a beautiful reminder that love is more than skin deep. It goes beyond what’s at the surface, and touches on everything that’s inside—on everything that makes a person who they truly are.

In this version of the story, you can expect to find mayhem in every corner. Except instead of village folk charging towards the castle with their pitchforks, you’ll find ruthless mafia men scheming and plotting to get ahead.

Danger and passion go hand in hand. 

While Belle and the Beast take their sweet time figuring out the fire that burns between them, everything else in their world is imploding. 

Outside forces and lethal secrets threaten to rip apart their blossoming love and friendship. Nothing is at it seems, and nobody is who they say they are…including our two protagonists.

You think you know the story. 

But I can bet you’ve never seen it done like this before.

“Knocked Up by the Beast” is a contemporary mafia romance with fairytale themes. If you like your romance a little dark and a lot steamy, you might just adore this book. 

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Aria R. Blue is the author of the new book Knocked Up By The Beast

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