The Story Behind Hope Ignites by E. A. Chance

13 Jul 2021

By E.A. Chance

Long before any of us imagined a Covid-19 world, I began to wonder what life on Earth would be like in the aftermath of a massive solar flare. My Shattered Sunlight Series is the result. I never dreamed I’d be creating this story smack in the middle of a global pandemic. It was eerie how close to reality the situations I was writing hit at times. Fortunately, real life is nowhere near as dire as what Dr. Riley Poole and company faced, and thankfully, we real-life humans see an end in sight.

That’s not the case for Riley. Hope Ignites is the third book in the Shattered Sunlight Series and is the culmination of our heroine’s long, arduous journey. The story picks up two years after a global Coronal Mass Ejection strikes Earth, decimating the human population and destroying all vestiges of modern technological life. Riley has all she could want in her world, except for her missing daughter Julia. When Riley receives news that Julia is alive in an internment camp on hostile soil, she abandons her post with a field medical unit and races to Julia’s rescue. When old enemies resurface, she runs into more trouble than she can handle. With the aid of old companions and new, she regains hope of rescuing Julia. It will take every ounce of Riley’s courage and grit to complete her quest in time.

The character of Riley comes from a place where I believe most of us are capable of far more than we realize. I’ve pondered many times on how living through the pandemic has forced us to discover an inner reserve we didn’t know existed. Friends and family members have described being pushed to the edge, then finding the strength to continue or even thrive. Isn’t this the essence of life, growing, learning, overcoming? We all possess that inner superhero. It’s only a matter of conquering our fears and tapping into it.

E.A. Chance is the author of the new book Hope Ignites

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