The Story Behind His Lost Love by Ava Ryan

22 Dec 2020

By Ava Ryan

Looking for books to binge this holiday season, while you keep your head down and hope that the rest of 2020 leaves you in peace? Allow me to suggest my latest steamy contemporary romance, His Lost Love. Dr. Liam Wilder and fashion designer Mia Jameson were college sweethearts who currently hate each other with the same passion that they once loved each other. Naturally, fate and I conspire to throw them together again and force them to work things out. They’ll get their happily-ever-after, sure, but first they need to forgive each other…

This one has all the best romance tropes and feels. Soulmates. First loves. Second chances. Alpha male billionaires. Feisty heroines. Scorching hot passion. Sexy banter. Emotional highs and lows.

And laughter. I tried to pack as much humor into this one as possible. Because it’s still 2020. And we need it.

Here’s a sample:

“We’re not old friends.” She can barely get the last two words out. For one thrilling second, I wonder if she actually wants to take a swing at me. I find my ongoing ability to push her buttons fascinating, I must say. “And don’t call me Starlight.”

“Why not? Nova is still your middle name, right? It means star, doesn’t it?” I keep my voice silky. “Starlight is a perfectly good nickname even if you’re not my star anymore. Why change things up at this late date? You’re free to call me by my nickname if you want.”

“Asshole? You don’t mind me using that to your face?”

“No,” I say with a startled laugh. “Brad Pitt.”

“I’ll pass on that. If there’s nothing else…?”

She takes another step away, eager to leave me. I hastily catch her warm arm and press my thumb to the thumping pulse in her wrist, twice as eager to keep her here. The reaction is instantaneous. Her eyes widen. Heat flares between us, exactly the way you get a whoosh of a flame when you light a gas grill.

“Are you here with someone?” I ask…

Have I whet your appetite for more? I sure hope you’ll grab His Lost Love and give it a read.

And I sure hope you and your friends and family have a safe and peaceful holiday season and a stellar 2021.

Ava Ryan is the author of the new book His Lost Love

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