The Story Behind Her Seafaring Scoundrel by Sophie Barnes

28 Apr 2020

By Sophie Barnes

He wants to save her reputation through marriage. She doesn’t want to be any man’s wife. When Cassandra resolves to put her daughter’s happiness first, will Devlin be able to woo her stubborn heart, or will she continue to fight her growing feelings for him forever?

I love shifting gears and exploring different kinds of characters, partly because I appreciate a good challenge, but also because I feel as though it keeps the stories fresh and interesting. Having never written an ocean voyage romance before, I really enjoyed the alternative setting and all the possibilities this story offered. Devlin, the hero, is the third son of a duke and the captain of his own ship. Gone for most of the year, he’s not looking to marry since that would tie him down and prevent him from heading back to sea. But when he attends a ball during one of his visits to England, an awful woman’s cutting remarks about Cassandra Moor (a dear family friend), prompts Devlin to reveal his imminent marriage to Cassandra, even though he hasn’t actually proposed to her and she has no desire whatsoever to marry anyone. In fact, she’s trying to honor and safeguard the memory of her past love while doing what’s best for her daughter. The last thing she wants is a husband – least of all one who threatens to make her forget the man she’d planned on pledging her life to. But now that Devlin has realized he wants Cassandra for himself, nothing will stop this stubborn man from making her his. Not even his bride-to-be’s annoying stipulation about no kissing.

Inspiration for the series as a whole began with the idea of three aristocratic triplet brothers turning their backs on the path they’re expected to follow so they can pursue their interests instead, which involves having to work for a living. One enjoys doing manual labor, the second builds mechanical toys and clocks, while the third decides to travel the world. When their father dies and they’re called home, circumstances alter the course of their lives once more. And since this is romance and each of these men needs a match, I decided to create three strong women who’ve fled society because of heartbreak and scandal and are now intent on avoiding marriage in favor of helping the orphans who are in their care. These men and women are connected in ways they don’t even realize until they meet and start falling for each other, at which point the past comes to light and threatens to ruin the happily ever after they all deserve.

Her Seafaring Scoundrel is the final book in the series so Devlin and Cassandra are the last couple to fall in love. They’ve avoided doing so until now, only to have their efforts thwarted by one impulsive comment. What follows is a great deal of convincing, introspection, and wooing before they finally realize how perfect they are for each other and how much richer their lives will be if they’re together.

Sophie Barnes is the author of the new book Her Seafaring Scoundrel.

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