The Story Behind Hard to Love by Willow Winters

19 Aug 2019

By Willow Winters

There are some moments in stories where there is a turn in the way you feel about a couple. In a very – feel it deep down in your soul – type of way. It typically happens right after an event that essentially rips your heart out and forces you to hold on to hope. That hope comes when the characters choose love.

I wrote this scene for Hard to Love as one of the first in this manuscript because I needed to feel it from the very beginning knowing how intense this story was going to be. Here’s a little sneak peek at it, so you can know exactly what I’m talking about:

“Hey come here,” his voice is gentle. He’s always soft with me. This strong man with rough edges and a past that would frighten most… his tone caresses me. I can’t help it. I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame.
I crawl over to him, settling down in his lap. He’s so tall and his shoulders so much wider that it feels perfect here. He’s warm, and when I lay my cheek against his shoulder, peeking up at him and wondering, why me? Why did he pick me? He kisses me. Stopping my questioning, stopping the pain. It’s an immediate spike of heat. An immediate desire.
Does he feel it too? How it soothes every inch of me. How that lust turns to wildfire in my blood and nothing stands a chance in its path. With his fingers at my chin, he keeps me still while he breaks the kiss. When I open my eyes, feeling the forgotten beads of moisture in my lashes, he’s there, staring at me. His light blue eyes shine with devotion. It’s real. I know it’s real.
His cadence is rough when he tells me, “Let me make you feel better.”

Willow Winters is the author of the new book Hard to Love.

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