The Story Behind Full Count by Kimberly Readnour

14 Jul 2020

By Kimberly Readnour

Guess what’s starting back 7/23/2020? That’s right. Baseball! Woot! I’m so ready to watch sports again. I do want my team to stay safe, but if they’re going to allow the boys of summer to play, I’m ready to watch. As we wait for that first pitch to start the long, overdue season, I have another baseball romance to discuss.

That’s right. We’re heading back to Cessna U for Garret and Lexie’s story, Full Count. Friends to lovers anyone? Yeah? Then read on!

Let me back up and start by giving you some backstory about the series. I’ll save how the series came about for Dalton’s book, though. When I first came up with the Cessna U Wildcats idea, Garret’s story was in my head before book one and two were even a thought. I knew Cara’s story had to be told first. Then, the series segued naturally into Noah and Shannon’s story. But Garret’s backstory was in my head before I even penned the first word of book one.

I couldn’t wait to write Full Count. But I also dreaded it. When I was stewing over the characters, Garret’s the one who screamed the loudest to me. Garret’s journey is heartwarmingly sweet, and I knew it would be tough for me to write. Not only is friends-to-lovers my least favorite trope (don’t judge), but Garret’s emotional wounds cut me to the core. I love this character so much! There were so many times I wanted to reach into my computer and hug him.

But hold up. We have another hero in the book known as Miller. Aw, Miller, the adorable stray who made his debut in book one. Since he plays a vital role in book three, I had to introduce him early in the series and found a way to introduce him. I have to admit, planning this entire series has been so much fun. I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to write it.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Lexie. To be the perfect partner for Garret, I needed a girl who was strong, independent, and compassionate. No one fills that role better than Lexie. She deals with her own hardships but is Garret’s perfect match in every possible way. I love these two together and can’t wait for you to read their journey. As one reviewer said, “It is a beautiful story of family love, sacrifice, guilt, and forgiveness.”

Full Count wasn’t titled by mistake. Garret’s plate starts full, and his journey is sure to give you all the feels. I hope you enjoy this latest addition to the series as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Happy reading, and stay safe!

Kimberly Readnour is the author of the new book Full Count.

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