The Story Behind Frosted Croakies by Sam Cheever

03 Dec 2019

By Sam Cheever

Hello, Everybody! I’m so pleased to be sharing my brand-new book, Frosted Croakies with you today.

This is Book 5 in my Enchanting Inquiries paranormal cozy mystery series. I’ve dubbed this story, Christmas at Croakies, which, if you know anything about the world of Enchanting Inquiries is appropriate for this fast-paced paranormal romp.

The story begins when our heroine decides to have a Christmas party for customers and friends at Croakies, her enchanted bookstore. Unfortunately, the mix of supernormals and humans soon fall prey to a magical trickster who puts them all under a You’re me but who am I? spell to cover the attempted robbery of the magical artifacts locked in the back room.

I came up with the idea of an identity-switching spell because I thought it would be an interesting twist for the reader in solving the mystery. How do you solve a mystery when you’re too busy dealing with having your essence dropped into a frog? How do you figure out who the guilty party is when you’re trying to keep a room full of people safe from a sweet old lady who’s been turned into a dragon and doesn’t know her flame-throwing breath from her flailing wings? Or from a giant turned into a gargoyle? A witch changed to a foul-mouthed parrot who’s been magically bleeped?

Yeah, it’s twisted, it’s chaotic, and it’s tons of paranormal Christmas fun. There’s even a great Christmas message about the spirit of the season and the magic of love and friendship.

This story embodies my outlook on this special time of year. Whatever challenges we face, whatever disappointments arise, in the end it’s all about working together, sharing our love and affection, and embracing the magic of the season to spread its joy.

Here’s wishing you and yours a season filled with love, magic and a gentle peace that overcomes every challenge you find along the way.

Merry Christmas!

Sam Cheever is the author of the new book Frosted Croakies.

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