The Story Behind Forbidden Letters by Elin Peer

15 Jul 2019

By Elin Peer

People sometimes ask me what has surprised me the most about being an author. I have to say that it’s the level of support and friendship that I’ve found among my readers. It has blown my mind, the way readers breathe life into my characters by talking about their motives, desires, and personas as if they were real people. Not to mention readers making playlists of music that the characters would listen to, or come up with pictures of how they think the characters would look in real life. It’s amazing!

I was also overwhelmed by the numbers of readers asking me for more books in the Men of the North series. You see, originally, I only planned for five books. Flattered by their interest, I added another five books to the series with tales from the future where women rule the world. Still it wasn’t enough for them.

My newest book, Forbidden Letters, is proof that it pays off to connect with authors and ask for more. It’s a stand-alone bonus story for the fans of the Men of the North series which can be read before or after the series. It was only supposed to be a short story, but the characters went on quite a journey with a lot of dramatic plot twists that turned it into a normal-sized book. I’m glad I stuck with it though, because this book has been extremely well received. And for me, it serves as a declaration of love from me to my readers saying, I hear you and you matter a ton to me.

Working alone from home, the messages I get from around the world with words of encouragement or curious questions, often make my day. Over the last two years, the readers and I have laughed and cried with the big alpha males from the north and the strong women from the south. Readers have gushed about the uniqueness of the ten books. They point out the depth of the characters, the strong dialogue, the food for thought, and the fast pace which makes the books hard to put down. It’s rare to find a series where each book is different in tone and style, offering a variation of adventure, suspense, love, and humor.

If you’re open to trying something new, here’s Forbidden Letters for you.

I should warn you though that this is not a clean romance!

The Men of the North don’t play nice, they swear a lot, and although this is in no way erotica, you have to be okay with a few steamy scenes.

The best part is, that in case you love Forbidden Letters – there’s ten more in the series for you to binge read.


Elin Peer is the author of the new book Forbidden Letters.

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