The Story Behind Easy Revenge and the inner workings of L.P. Dover

14 Apr 2020

By L.P. Dover

When it comes to writing a story, every author has their own style, their own way of doing things. Some like to listen to music while others have to have complete silence. I know of authors who drive to cafés and write amongst people to get inspiration. I’d have to say, that if that was me, I wouldn’t get any work done. (LOL) I love watching people and the way they interact with others. My husband hates it because when we go out to eat, he’ll try to talk to me and I’ll have my eyes on other people, even though I’m listening to every word he says. I’m totally paying attention to him, just not looking right at him. But anyway, going back to an author’s style, mine is pretty simple. I have to be at home, sitting by the window, in complete silence in order to get any writing done. With this COVID-19 quarantine, it’s been a little complicated to get the peace and quiet with my kids home, but I’ve managed to get a lot of writing done. I’m proud of myself. 😊

So let’s see … the story behind Easy Revenge. I fell in love with Zac and Clara’s story the second it came to my mind. The cover is a little dark and sexy, but the story is really funny and light-hearted. I feel like I can relate to the story because it’s exactly what I would’ve done in their situation. The book starts off with Zac and Clara about to venture off to college together. They’re happy and young, but they know they want to be together. Sigh … young love. Got to love those butterflies. But, of course, happiness doesn’t always last long in the beginning of novels. You have to throw that wrench in there somehow. Well, Zac and Clara get that wrench and it breaks them apart. Needless to say, they hate each other after it’s all over. I can’t tell you what happens because it’ll ruin the story. Fast track twelve years and they end up running into each other back in their small hometown. Every year the town has an auction where one member of each household has to be put up to be bid on. For a whole week, the participant has to do whatever the person who bids on them wants. Mostly it’s household chores, planting flowers, cooking, shopping, etc. And guess what … it’s Clara’s turn to be auctioned off. Zac sees this as an opportunity to get her back for what happened years ago, and vice versa, Clara feels the same way. They both plot out their revenge to make each other’s lives a living hell. Zac ends up making Clara fall in a pile of horse poop, and Zac ends up gulping down what he thinks is orange juice when it’s actually not. Can’t tell you what it is. 😊 And they do all sorts of other things to each other that’ll make you laugh.

Easy Revenge is all light-hearted and fun with tons of laughs, but there were also some tears. Now there is a little mystery there because Clara and Zac got broken up for a reason and they don’t know why or who set them up. They end up finding out towards the end of the book and everything falls into place. I have to say that Easy Revenge is one of my favorite stories. When I mentioned I had shed some tears with this book, this is the reason why. Clara’s dad is the exact replica of mine. So when you see Clara and her dad together, it’s how me and my dad are … even the part where her father has stage 4 cancer. It’s been a hard year and a half for my family. My dad’s been diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophagus cancer which has spread to other organs in his body. Watching him go through chemo hasn’t been easy. He hasn’t been able to do any of the things he used to before he got sick. In Easy Revenge, I have Clara’s father ride in the cart with her while she golfs, just so she can have him with her. I keep telling my dad that’s what he needs to do with me. I miss playing golf with him and having him coach me. I always play better with him around.

While writing Easy Revenge, as you can see, I felt a connection to Clara’s father. I envisioned my dad in his place. It felt good to write about him. I even dedicated the book to him which made him cry when he read it. Writing about him and making him a character keeps him alive in my books. That’s why Easy Revenge is so special to me.


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