The Story Behind Due Date by Emily Bishop

14 May 2018

The idea for my new book, Due Date, was inspired by Mother’s Day! I wanted to take two complicated characters and put them in a tough situation, then prove that true love can overcome all obstacles, no matter how large they might seem.

What’s the epitome of true love? Children, in my opinion. There’s nothing more special than having a child with the person you love, and raising it together.

I’m on a ‘woman with goals’ trip at the moment. I love to read about women who are either super confident in their abilities, or who know exactly what they want to achieve and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Remy, the main character in Due Date, is a reflection of that. She’s got a dream and man does she want to live it, but she just doesn’t have the means financially.

So, when her carefree, bad boy ex-lover, Wesley, rolls back into town, she’s determined not to fall for his charms again. Let’s just say his ‘charm’ is massive – hee, hee. As it happens, Wesley has a goal too and it’s going to involve Remy’s cooperation, and potentially help her obtain the goal she’s dreamed of for years.

But it will involve a major sacrifice. And the potential for complications. And love.

The book is basically a baby contract gone right.

My favorite scene by far was much later on in the book, when Remy and Wesley finally… well, damn, I can’t actually tell you, can I? But it’s super emotional and I had tears in my eyes while I was writing it. I poured a lot of emotion into this book and I hope readers will feel that and enjoy it.

And see that love really does conquer all.

Emily Bishop is the author of the new book Due Date

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