The Story Behind Don’t Lie To Me by Willow Rose

22 Apr 2019

By Willow Rose

This novel is the first in a brand new series, called the Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series.
It’s in the romantic mystery genre. Book 2 will be out this summer.

This book is a mix between the ex FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas’ personal life and her challenging police work.
She has to juggle her divorce, her kids and her old boyfriend from High School at the same time that she is trying to catch an ingenious serial killer who is targeting children.

The idea for this particular book in the series came to me when I spoke to a good friend of mine who is going through a tough divorce right now.
Her husband is alienating the children against her, so they refuse to see her. He is telling them lies about her, and they believe him, mostly because they are afraid of him.
It’s an awful thing and happens a lot more than you’d think.

When I researched it, I found so many stories like my friend’s; you wouldn’t believe it.
Some children don’t realize this has happened to them before they are grown up and they have lost contact with one parent.
It devastated me to think that some parents won’t get to see their own children and, not only that, their young hearts are turned against them.
That was why I decided to write about it and make it a big theme in this book.

I hope you’ll enjoy it,

Willow Rose is the author of the new book  Don’t Lie To Me

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