The Story Behind Deck the Halls with Danger: A Crime Scene Kosovo Yuletide Novella by Tasmin Turner

02 Jan 2024

What’s the story behind the story? What inspired you to write Deck the Halls with Danger?

Let me share with you the inspiration and thought processes behind this addition to the Crime Scene Kosovo series. From the outset, my goal was to weave together the festive spirit of the holiday season with the gripping suspense that fans of my series expect. I wanted this novella to serve as both an introduction to new readers and a deeper exploration for those who have been following the adventures of international lawyer Kit Chase.

Writing a seasonal novella was a decision made with both heart and strategy. There’s something special about holiday stories that readers love to savor. By setting a thriller during this time, I played with a delightful contrast – the warmth and nostalgia of the holidays against the backdrop of danger and high stakes that is a hallmark of the Crime Scene Kosovo universe.

Continuity is key in a series, which is why I brought back the sinister organized crime group Black Sun from the Halloween special, “Halloween and the Black Sun.” This not only creates a thread that connects the stories, but also deepens the series narrative, adding layers of complexity and intrigue.

In this novella, I introduced a new character – Kit’s young cousin Paige from New Zealand. Her storyline is particularly close to my heart. Paige, in her innocence and eagerness to follow in Kit’s footsteps, doesn’t fully grasp the perils of Kit’s world. This interplay between the two characters allowed me to delve into themes of naivety, experience, and the familial bonds that both bind and challenge us.

Perhaps the most relatable aspect of this story is Kit’s struggle to balance her intense professional life with her family responsibilities during Christmas in Kosovo. This constant juggling act is something many of us face, especially during the busy holiday season. It adds a layer of authenticity to Kit’s character, making her someone readers can connect with.

In “Deck the Halls with Danger,” my aim was to create a story that is not just a suspenseful read but also a narrative that resonates on a personal level. It’s a blend of holiday cheer and edge-of-your-seat action, and I sincerely hope it adds an extra thrill to readers’ holiday season. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

Tasmin Turner is the author of the new book Deck the Halls with Danger: A Crime Scene Kosovo Yuletide Novella

Tasmin Turner is the author of the new book Deck the Halls with Danger: A Crime Scene Kosovo Novella

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