The Story Behind One Bossy Proposal by Nicole Snow

21 Apr 2022

by Nicole Snow

Can love bloom from an unexpected collision over breakfast? The answer is a big, hilarious, cinnamony-sweet yes! In my latest enemies-to-lovers book, One Bossy Proposal.

Dakota Poe—a young poet and copywriter distantly related to that Poe—came to Seattle for a reset. Shiny new career prospects, changing scenery, and no whiff whatsoever of the heartbreak she left back home. It’s all going according to plan until she butts heads with an outrageously rude, gorgeous, and domineering suit in her favorite cafe. She scored the last cinnamon roll and this man acts like his life depends on getting it back.

The first thing Lincoln Burns needed was that cinnamon roll. The second is a brilliant copywriter to help push the new wedding line at the head of his fashion empire. So when the infuriating and beautiful young woman who stole his precious pastry shows up at the job interview—it’s on.

One massive gamble.

Two scorned hearts tangled together.

So many secrets falling out.

Endless banter, molten looks, and desire.

And when Lincoln decides to ask “Nevermore” to join him on a pretend engagement scheme to market his new wedding attire, everything comes tumbling down in the best kind of steamy, intense, and heart-stompy chaos.

This book is a little heavy, a whole lot of funny, and majorly steamy. Rainy kisses, cinnamon roll fights, Poe jokes, plus some really possessive moves by our grump-tastic hero, are just a few of my favorite things you’ll find in these pages. This book is a freaking riot packed with characters and a slow-burn love that ran off with my heart.

Now, it’s your turn. Don’t even hesitate. Sink your teeth into One Bossy Proposal today while it’s Free with Kindle Unlimited!

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book One Bossy Proposal

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