The Story Behind Charlie by Elin Peer

30 Sep 2019

By Elin Peer

As an author, I like to challenge myself and my readers. The ones who have followed me for a while and read most, or all of my novels, can testify that you never know what to expect from me as I play around with genres from funny to suspenseful and dive into all sorts of taboos head first. As a result, I have readers telling me about getting into lively discussions with their spouses and friends because of topics inspired by my books.

My new series, Cultivated, will no doubt have the same effect as we take on the subject of smooth talkers with the ability to control you without you even realizing that you’re under attack. The psychopaths who are skilled at making you trust them until you’re in their net and they hold power over you.

Reading this series will hopefully make you reflect on your own relationships and as a benefit it will give you an armor to recognize the traits in people who look inviting but are toxic for you.
We’re starting out with book #1 called Charlie, where Liv is called upon to go to Ireland and get her old crush, Charles, out of a cult. He’s highly intelligent and the heir to a business empire which is why the cunning cult leader Conor O’Brien targeted Charles to begin with.

As with all my books, there’s a beautiful love story at the core. Liv and Charles are two flawed and quirky people with an instant connection that has readers giggle and smile along the way. Maybe it’s the contrast between the pureness of their love and the darkness that threatens to rip them apart that make it so hard to put down the book. One of my readers, Heather Ambrose, wrote in her review, “WOW!!!! This book gave me a book hangover! I started the book and in one sitting I finished it at 4 am this morning.”

Another of my readers, George Hancocks, pointed out that these stories are more than just romance. He wrote: “Digging deep into her background as a Life Coach, she is exploring the world of mind control, brainwashing, and cults. And though this book is a romance, it is an intense and frightening story–the kind of story that shifts Peer’s work out of the world of traditional romance and into the world of literature.”

If you like stories with a solid plot, strong characters, food for thoughts, a bit of suspense, and some romantic scenes along the way, then Charlie is definitely for you! But don’t take it from me, here’s what readers are saying about the book:

“This is the first book in a new series and boy does it start with a bang.” Read All About It

“I was either grinning, laughing or gripping my armrest.” Diane

“This book had me on edge. I was so sure I wouldn’t like it. I don’t care for books about cults. I loved the hero and heroine. This was a great, suspenseful story. I stayed up till 4 am to finish it.” Wickedly Sweet and Synful Book Blog Twilla

“Wow!! After reading and loving the Men of the North series (in my top 2 favorite series ever!) by Elin Peer I was excited to read Charlie. I don’t think I have ever read a book that elicited so many different emotions from me. There were moments where I laughed, cried, yelled, and even curled into a ball under my blanket in suspense.” Holly Fosdick

“I was skeptical about how Elin could switch from her last series (Men of the North). Wow, she did it with excellence. I couldn’t put this book down. What a great beginning to the series.” Judy

So, there you have it. There’s a new fresh and very unique romance on the market that is guaranteed to make your book club meetings lively with great discussions. Download your copy of Charlie today and allow yourself to indulge in a night of reading.

Love Elin


Elin Peer is the author of the new book Charlie.

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