The Story Behind Bulletproof by Xavier Neal

27 Jul 2021

By Xavier Neal

Inspiration for all of my books is unpredictable. They happen anywhere and anytime regardless of what I’m doing and Bulletproof was no exception.

I’m a huge action movie fan. We’re talking huge. I love it all and have for most of my existence. I’ll always choose the car movies, the explosions, and the hand-to-hand combat or impressive weaponry over almost everything else each time. This love of fast-paced scenes and danger has come to showcase itself in a number of my series with the most recent being Bulletproof, which may launch a new set of standalone adventures. While seeing a new release by a director that I’m a massive fan of on the big screen, in my favorite movie theater (the one I even got married in), the lead male – Bronx – began talking to me. (Like twenty-two minutes into the thing.) From there, it was just a ceaseless snowball of writing physical fighting scenes, witty lines, and letting him find love in spite of the job that makes it difficult for that to be an option.

I hope you enjoy watching his life change as much as I enjoyed being the one to write about it.

Xavier Neal is the author of the new book Bulletproof

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