The Story Behind Bossy Grump by Nicole Snow

06 Apr 2021

A fiery attraction, a truckload of banter, a pinch of angsty drama, and so many laughs. All the right ingredients are here for an enemies-to-lovers extravaganza in my latest office rom-com, Bossy Grump.

Bright-eyed young artist Paige Holly thought she had it made after landing her dream job at Brandt Ideas, a world-class architecture firm. One night out celebrating with the worst date ever brings her face-to-face with destiny—and this big D has flashing teal-blue eyes, a grump-tastic scowl, and zero appetite for nonsense. It’s even more bewildering when the white knight who comes to her rescue turns into her biggest villain.

So what if he played hero for a night? Ward Brandt couldn’t leave Paige stranded with a creeper and a twisted heel, even if he immediately plans to fire her before she steps foot in the office. But Grandma Brandt has no intention of letting that happen.

The workaholic office life will never be the same. He’s stuck with a mouthy assistant who takes none of his crap and ignites a fire in his blood. She’s annoyingly drawn to the raging bosshole who speaks fluent growls. He bans her from wearing heels. She invents new ways to ruin his coffee. The games keep ratcheting up as Brandt Ideas scrambles to secure the biggest hotel contract ever until the day tragedy strikes.

With grump-zilla Ward unexpectedly in control of very rocky ship, what starts as a total joke of a suggestion turns serious. He needs an image fix to bury family dirt that could make business very difficult. Soon, he’s asking himself the unthinkable. Why does Paige look like more than the infuriating bombshell who brings him to the brink of madness?

It’s just ninety days pretend engaged.

It’s just a lot of reckless kissing.

It’s just a searing brush with make-believe between two office enemies starting to forget how much they hate each other.

Yes, it’s just as insane as it sounds. This is what happens when your ordinary fake love trope gets drunk on champagne, rolls around in the grass, and wakes up singing in the bathtub. No apologies for the inevitable book hangover, it’ll be so worth it after you’ve been drenched in the funny, the shocks, the steaminess, the highs, the lows, and all the freaking butterflies. Please grab Bossy Grump while it’s Free in Kindle Unlimited and let Ward and Pague’s love make your life a little better.

Nicole Snow is the author of the new book Bossy Grump

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