The Story Behind Bossy Brothers by JA Huss

05 Jan 2021

By JA Huss

There are hundreds of tropes to work with in romance fiction but nothing says long, continuing series like a big old family of boys. So that’s what I set out to write when I started the Bossy Brothers series in 2019. Three boys and a cousin—all with the last name of Boston.

That’s enough material to cover the baby brother trope (Jesse Boston), middle child syndrome (Joey Boston), and the bully oldest (Johnny Boston). Not to mention those pulled heartstrings for the orphaned cousin, (Zach Boston) who was raised by them. These boys are elite billionaires with a sketchy, secret past that is rapidly coming back to haunt them as they search for true love.

The series starts with a kidnapping in book one. But it’s not our heroine being abducted—it’s the baby Boston, Jesse. Book one a crazy revenge scheme dreamed up by jilted ex-one-night-stand, Emma Dumas, that turns into a heart-melty second-chance.

But I love a good, long, complicated series connected by many characters so I decided to go big and add in Emma’s brothers and take the story down to Key West with her family of tatted-up beach boys. Her brothers include over-protective fisherman Alonzo, broody-sailor Tony, and their own baby of the family, adrenaline-fueled Luke.

And Luke is where we’re at now. In the last book of the series, Luke is partnered up with Zack Boston and together they fall into a crazy adventure with a scheming gossip reporter looking for dirt on the Boston family secrets.

But the Bostons aren’t the only ones with a sketchy past. The Dumas brothers are just as guilty. And the dirty secrets of these two families come crashing together for one final happily ever after.

The Bossy Brothers series is seven full-length books filled with sexy alpha males, strong females to keep them in line, a crazy Vegas wedding in the middle, and of course, the twisted HEA at the end that I’m known for. I call it Rom Com with a dark side!

They should be read in this order:




Bossy Bride



Luke (and Zach)

Book one, Bossy Brothers: Jesse, is FREE on KOBO, Nook, Apple, and Amazon right now. And the rest of the series can be read free in Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoy reading about my boys as much as I enjoyed writing them!

JA Huss is the author of the new book Bossy Brothers Luke.

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